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Unbelievable facts about human mind

Why do we overthink

80-90% of what you are worrying about will never happen. People are always tend to think too much or pay attention to negative news, why? Researchers found that’s because a temporal lobe named amygdala in our brain, it’s a warning system – find the latent dangers and help people make right decision, amygdala has a priority rating as nothing is important than survival. But amygdala is not sensitive to the disease brought by long term negative motion, it didn’t evolve in   Read More …

Why Facebook is blue

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook is red-green colorblind which means blue is the only tricolor he can see best, this is why he chose blue as the color of Facebook. Blue is a popular color which shows strength and credibility, fortunately the best color for Mark is not orange.

Congenial people are more likely to fall in love

American researchers have found that two people who are dating will fall in love more easily if they have more similar verbal style. A researcher at the University of Texas explained that if the matching degree of two persons’ verbal style is slightly higher than the average, the success rate of speed dating will be 4 times higher and they will continue dating. No one can help or teach you that how to make   Read More …

Stressful men prefer plump women

A study by British psychologists shows that men who have high level of stress are more likely to be attracted by plump women. Psychologists have given an explanation: men subconsciously think that women who have more mature bodies usually own more mature characters, so that they can deal with crisis more calmly.

You look 30% better in mirror

According to psychology research, your face in the mirror is 30% more beautiful than your real face, because when you look in the mirror, your brain will automatically prettify yourself,  this is also one of the reasons why you are not as beautiful as you think in the photos. So the most primitive Photoshop is in our brains.

Men are more likely to mistake sexual signals

Many ladies have this experience: you mark a man as an ordinary male friend, but he put your good opinion as sexual signals. According to psychological research, in the stage of university, 12% boys have mistaken girls’ body languages and facial expressions as sexual signals, while only 8.7% girls have made such mistake. Is it a good idea that go to bed with your good friend?

Daydream is good for health

According to psychologists, daydream is a mental activity with fantasy plot appearing in an awake state, for example, imagining you win a lottery during the break of work or you are touring in someplace you long-awaited. Scientists have found that daydreaming is healthy for your body and mind. Sometimes this method is used to help mental illness sufferers out of their difficulties.

Nostalgia keeps people optimistic

Researches have shown that nostalgia can help people keep optimistic and reduce anxiety about the future. Academics at the University of Southampton have said that reminiscence past can increase people’s happiness and help people maintain a positive attitude. Previous research also has found that nostalgia can offer great psychological comfort, which is good for our health. Scholars engaged in research expressed that nostalgia can keep recognition of self-worth and offer hope for the future.

Wide face men more likely to be bad

Psychologist Cheryl McCormick at Brock University in Canada made a test on 150 men, the result has shown that 20 percent of the subjects tried to cheat in dice games and they have a common feature “wide face”. According to the study, Wide Face Men have these feature: 1. They have greater ambition and antisocial tendency; 2. They are very aggressive, violent and opinionated, they may even hurt their subordinates or coworkers; 3. They also don’t   Read More …

Washing hair strengthen confidence

Psychological experts have found that washing hair every day could strengthen confidence. The results show that compared with their peers, the respondents who have high shampoo frequency are better than those who have low shampoo frequency in many psychological characteristics, they usually have higher position, income, influence and popularity. Actually, it is relevant to “positive psychological implications”. Clean hair will give a positive suggestion to yourself, such as “I am clean”、”I am now in the best condition to   Read More …

Walking in park increase your optimism

A new study by Dutch scientists shows that urban inhabitants who often walk in the natural park can increase their self–control and the degree of optimism by 10%~16% compared with those walk in artificial environment, and their decision-making ability will improve conspicuously. Scientists explains urban environment making people more impulse and shortsighted for “timely return”, but people easily to be satisfied and longsighted.

Men’s mental ages are younger

A study by psychology professor in the Chicago University showed that old people’s bodily functions were growing old, but their mental ages were 13 years younger than biological ages on average, especially of men. Scientists said that women are more concerned with appearances than men, so their mental ages are closer to their actual ages than men.

Food or affair,which do you prefer

  “I never cheat my girlfriend, just give me another cake.” An interesting study by American scientists has found that people who like eating have fewer chance of cheating partners, while those who are in control of their appetites are more likely to accept a romantic date or give their phone numbers to others. Delicious food is more attractive than affairs.

Washing hands effects mood

According to a study by Dr. Kai Kaspar in University of Cologne in Germany, washing your hands can affect your mood. When you are facing difficulties or feeling frustration, washing your hands can add your confidence; but when you facing the next challenge, it can also reduce your determination to get on or fight.

People are more honest in morning

A study shows that people are more honest in mornings, more likely to tell lies in afternoons. Because fatigue is one of the most reasons for people to tell lie, people’s bodies are gradually getting tired, losing self–control in the afternoon and when people feel tired they may tell lies unconsciously. So never buy the insurance in the afternoon.

Children also judge by appearances

The researchers at Harvard University found that adults who have good appearances are more likely to win the trust of children, so children also judge by appearances. Compared with the ordinary face strangers, children prefer to trust beautiful face strangers and girls are more likely to judge by appearances than boys.

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