New Translucent Snail Discovered

About September 2013, a new species of snail had been discovered in Croatia, it is named Zospeum tholussum, found about 3,000 feet underground in the Lukina Jama–Trojama cave system which is Croatia’s deepest cave. The new snail has no sight, because sight is not so important in the deep underground. It has an almost transparent shell, very small, but quite beautiful. Transparent animals have natural camouflages, often are discovered in deep sea or underground.

Real-life Swans Lake in Siberia

Svetloe Lake in Siberia is commonly known as real-life Swan Lake, you will find the whole lake full of beautiful swans if you come here in February. These swans regard the lake as their home in winter, it’s really surprising that swans usually prefer to fly away to the south to spend the winter, but those swans fly to the cold Siberia, that’s because there are many hot springs around the Svetloe Lake. Swans prefer to stay here where the water temperature is between 5 and 6 Celsius although the surrounding air is under minus 40 Celsius.

Bird’s nests in weird place

Once a thrush laid eggs in a strange place—the engine of a minibus. The minibus was rented by an army camp in North Yorkshire, in order not to horrify the mother thrush and her five eggs, the army decided to continuously hire the car avoiding disturb the birds until they flew away. The day’s hire for the car is 30 pounds, the entire protection cost them about £1,000.

Twelve fun Polar bear facts

1. Polar bear is the largest carnivorous animal on land nowadays (larger than Siberian tiger), it’s on the top of the food chain. 2. The fur of the polar bear is not white, but hollow and colorless, its skin is black, the hollow fur is good for keeping warm and water proofing, so they can survive in the harsh Arctic climate. 3. Polar bear’s liver is inedible, because it contains too much vitamin A, which may lead to death from poisoning. 4. Polar bear has an   Read More …

Twelve odd wolf facts

1. Male wolf and female wolf usually mates for life, unless one of the two died and the other lived. Generally speaking, they are devoted partners and parents. 2. In fact, wolves don’t like to fight or aggress, they won’t make nonsensical battle and the predation is only the act for survival. 3. In the wolf pack, they communicate with each other by howls, the pack is harmonious and integrative although only the leader “Alpha” wolf has the right to   Read More …

Ten interesting facts about chimpanzee

1. The percentage of genetic similarity between human and chimpanzee is nearly 98, which means they are 98% human. 2. Chimpanzees and gorillas are both apes, chimpanzee could be mistaken for gorilla, but they are different, chimpanzee’s body is smaller than the gorilla. 3. Chimpanzees mainly live in rain forests in Africa. According to statistics, there are about 170,000-300,000 chimpanzees in the wild in Africa now. In the past 20 years, the numbers of chimpanzees have   Read More …

Ten Interesting Praying Mantis Facts

1. Praying mantis is carnivorous insect. There are about 1800-2000 species of mantis in the world. They have developed front legs, which are distributed very sharp spikes like sickles, very cool. 2. Mantis is the only insect whose head can rotate 180 degrees, so if you watch a mantis at his back, you will be scared when it turns its triangular head staring at you suddenly. 3. Mantises not only prey on other small organisms, but also   Read More …

Eleven interesting dolphin facts you didn’t know

1. Although dolphins live in the water, they are not fish but mammal, which means dolphins can’t breathe in the water like fish, they can stay under water for 15 minutes at most then they have to come to the surface to breathe fresh air. 2. Because of fact 1, dolphins never have deep sleep or they will drown, when they need rest, only half of the brains will sleep and only one   Read More …

Eight strange giraffe facts

1. Giraffes are the tallest animal in the world, they can grow up to 16-18ft (6m) on average. Due to their special gene, new born baby giraffes are about 6ft (2m) tall, it’s taller than most adult human. 2. Nature is cruel for wild animals, baby giraffes have learnt to stand up within 30 minutes after birth, and they can run when they are just 10-hours-old. 3. Giraffes keep standing in most of their   Read More …

The sheep hangs in electric cable

When the Landsnes family from Germany was on their tour of Norwegian coast, they experienced a dramatic moment that they saw a sheep hanging in the electric cable which is 15 feet above the ground and bleating for help. 13-year-old Marita Landsnes was absolutely shocked by what she saw, she took the picture of the entire process with her phone. The sheep was eating grass on the top of the hill at first, when he   Read More …

Man marries his cat

A 39-year-old German man named Uwe Mitzscherlich married his cat in 2010. His cat Cecilia was suffering from asthma at that time. Mitzscherlich made this decision after the doctor told him that Cecilia had little time left, it was really a sad news, Mitzscherlich had lived with Cecilia together for 10 years and they shared one bed. But in Germany, it is illegal to marry an animal, so Mitzscherlich spent 300 euros and invited actress Christin-Maria Lohri to hold  

the ceremony. Maybe for some people, what Mitzscherlich did seemed ridiculous, but for Mitzscherlich, it completed the wish of his heart.

It was the happiest time when Mitzscherlich kissed on his newly betrothed, the wife said nothing, only meowed loudly to protest.

Cat arrested for smuggling contraband at Russian prison

A cat was arrested in June 2013 after the it failed to smuggle mobile phones and battery chargers into a prison in Russia.  It’s a smart choice to let cat do such job as it has rapid reflexes, but the plan failed when the cat hunkered down to rest after jumped onto the wall, the prison official found the items taped on its belly. Stubborn cat refused to confess who is behind the plan.

Scientist gives dolphin handjobs making it speak English

This is one of the craziest experiments in human history, scientist John C. Lilly made it in 1958, he wanted to teach dolphins to speak human language, because at that time language theory pointed that kids learnt language from their mother. So Lilly employed a young female associate Margaret and let her live with a baby dolphin “Peter”, Margaret and Peter lived together, they eat, work, sleep together in a flooded house, Margaret would teach the dolphin simple human words and played with him hours everyday. But when Peter entered estrus, he can’t focus on the lesson and wanted a girlfriend, Lilly didn’t allow Peter living with other dolphin -he was worried that Peter would forget what he had learnt if he stayed with other dolphins. Maybe the slow research process evacuated Lilly’s mind of reason, he began to feed Peter LSD and asked Margaret to give Peter handjobs, Peter got sexual satisfaction and became more cooperative on the course but the study still failed at last. Soon Lilly lost both his academic reputation and the funding from the federal government.

Man lives as dog

People always have different or even unusual lifestyles, but I think no one can match Matthews. Gary Matthews lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He thinks of himself as a dog from an early age and wants to change his dog name “Boomer”, he wears dog clothing made by himself, sleeps in his doghouse built by himself, eats dog food and laps water from a bowl on the floor, he also barks loudly when he meets strangers, cars or other dogs    he didn’t tell us how about his sex life or how he look upon dustbin. Wow, the lifestyle of this 48 years old man is a real eye-opener for us.

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