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A mouse is an interesting animal that many people often do not know facts about them. However, with personal research, you will always be in a position to understand the different species of mice living around the world. Here are the 10 interesting facts about mice that you need to know as an individual:

  1. There are more than 30 commonly known mice species around the world including the
    domestic mice, zebra mice, fancy mice, and spiny mice. This makes it one of the wild animals with a huge number of species around the world when looking for the existing options in the rodents family.
  2. Mice have very large ears, pointed noses, round and long furry bodies with hairless tails, which are often long just as their bodies. The body shape makes them among the species in the rodent’s family that you would enjoy whenever you are looking for a place to have fun and visit during your holidays when watching mice.
  3. They exists in a wide range of color from black and white to a mix of grays and browns. Their height also ranges from one to eight inches in length and this depends on the individual species. This definitely makes it one of species with a wide mix of colors in the rodent’s family.4. Common house mice can be kept as popular pets. Sadly, many medical institutions keep mice mainly as laboratory specimens. Since they are very small, mice are prey for cats, birds, foxes and wild dogs. They form a common meal of many wild animals due to their small nature and body who eat them.
  4. Mice are known as nocturnal herbivores. They primarily dine on grains and fruits. They most feed at night to protect themselves from their predators. They eat more 3 times the size of their body each day.
  5. The African Pygmy mouse is the smallest mouse in the world. An adult mouse have a length that can range from 1.2 to only 3.1 inches making it among the smallest rodents in the world. It’s hard to get rid of the mice in the house.
  6. Mouse whiskers can serve as a dual purpose. They can use their whiskers to detect changes in the temperatures and use them to identify surfaces when they are walking on them. This definitely makes them one of the fascinating animals.
  7. Mice do talk to one another. They communicate using regular mouse sounds & ultrasonic sounds. Mice also build their homes near food since they normally eat about 15 to 205 times in a day.
  8. Female mice are excellent reproducers. One female mouse can give birth to babies in less than 2 months after their birth. A female mouse can give birth to 12 babies after every 3 weeks.
  9. Mice are athletic. They can jump up more than 2 feet in the air. They are also excellent swimmers and climbers. This makes them among those amazingly strong rodents that you should never play with when they attack your neighborhood.

In conclusion, the above information should give you the 10 interesting facts about mice that you need to know as an individual especially when studying the animal as among the rodents family.

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