Sea horse male

Did you know that male seahorses compete against each other to get pregnant? Strangely enough unlike most species, it’s not the female who gets pregnant but the male.

Now to attract a female the male seahorse wrestles with other male seahorses to show its strength. He also opens and closes his pouch to show that he wants to get pregnant.

He fills this pouch with water and then ejects it with as much force as he can to show that he will know what to do when the time comes to give birth. Seahorses remain pregnant for three weeks, undergo labor for 72 hours, and finally manage to release 200 babies at a time.

Top 10 Facts about Seahorses

  1. The length of the most of species of seahorse is between 2.5 to 30 cm.
  2. Most of the species of seahorses are the habitat of the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean sea.
  3. The male seahorse can put eggs in its pouch three times a year.
  4. In a seahorse, a male gets pregnant and gives birth instead of a female.
  5. The male seahorse has the capacity of having more than 50 eggs in his pouch.
  6. The seahorse is one of the few marine species that are too slow in moving in the deep sea.
  7. They have smooth and fragile bodies, which makes it impossible to get them killed by another marine like Shark.
  8. They mostly live with their female partners. They live a life as long as 2 to for years.
  9. They are generally yellow or white.
  10. Seahorse doesn’t have any teeth or stomachs.
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