All the birds that can talk like parrots
list of the bird that can talk

Did you know that parrots can be trained to say up to 250 words and short phrases? Their ability to mimic/speak the human language is so well known that many parrot owners initially purchase the bird only for the reason that they can talk in a human voice.

The truth, however, is that like most talking birds they don’t can talk like a human, they generally mimic the sounds that they hear from their surroundings. They certainly don’t have any real understanding of the words that they repeat and what’s more interesting is that most of the parrots as a species are not the best of bird mimickers.

Mynah Bird

Yes, that’s right the top word mimic is the Mynah bird. Their ability to create amazingly realistic human and nonhuman sounds such as words, coughs, sneezes, and even cell phone ringtones is well documented.

Other birds that are extremely intelligent and known to mimic human words are crows, ravens, and jackdaws. Although their abilities are less publicized.

It’s no secret that talking birds make for popular pets seeing a pet bird mimic human speech or perform a trick is what inspires many people to acquire a bird of their own.

Some species have a greater capacity for speech than others though no bird will learn to talk unless they can spend lots of quality time interacting with their humans and listening to repeated words and phrases if you’re hoping to train a feathered friend to mimic your voice here in this video we have listed eight of the best-talking birds.

There is a list of eight bird species that can talk.

8. Cockatoos Macaws

Macaws like cockatoos macaws aren’t as verbose as some other parrots but they do have the ability to mimic speech some species such as the blue and gold macaws are known to learn words more easily than others while their speech isn’t always clear macaws tend to be noisy birds so I expect a bird that will talk your ear off just not always in a language you understand.

7. Cockatoo

Although they typically aren’t superb talking birds cockatoos can pick up some words and phrases they are very social and affectionate sometimes bordering on needy and caregivers should expect to spend hours each day interacting with their birds on the plus side this bond makes cockatoos willing to practice tricks including speech with their humans.

6. Eclectus

Eclectus, while they’re usually not excessively noisy Eclectus parrots can develop an extensive vocabulary of human words these birds are generally friendly and gentle and they thrive on socialization with their caretakers some say a male collects is typically easier to train while the female bird is more independent and consequently better able to handle stress.

5. Quaker parrot

Quaker parrots also known as monk parakeets are illegal in some parts of the united states because feral flocks have become invasive so check local laws if you want to adopt one Quakers are very social and tend to pick up human speech quickly being such fast learners they are popular among inexperienced bird owners who are new to training a bird to talk

4. Indian Ringneck Parakeet

Indian ringneck parakeets seem to have a gift for learning longer phrases along with short words they also tend to speak with clarity centuries ago in India religious leaders who said daily prayers in their gardens began to notice local ringnecks repeating the prayers this led to the birds being regarded as sacred and ultimately caused people to keep them as pets

3. amazon parrot

Many amazon parrots can learn to speak with exceptional clarity and they generally have very sweet voices their innate need to socialize is possibly what draws them to mimic humans they’re intelligent spirited birds that love being the center of attention they bond closely with their caretakers requiring lots of social interaction and ample space to play

2. Budgerigar

Budgerigar not to be outdone by the bigger birds the budgerigar is an excellent talking bird budgie have broken world records for the largest bird vocabulary while their voices tend to be a bit grave budgies are capable of learning many words and phrases and because they are quite social birds many enjoy practicing speech with their caretakers

1. African Grey’s

The highly intelligent African grey is often regarded as the best talking bird with some amassing vocabularies of hundreds of words there’s even research suggesting these parrots can use words in context to have simple conversations though that doesn’t necessarily mean they understand what they’re saying, in any case, this kind of verbalization takes years of patient training and practice.

So I hope you enjoy this article now the question for you is which one is your favorite species let us know in the comment section.

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