Ten Interesting Praying Mantis Facts
Ten Interesting Praying Mantis Facts
strong mantis leg

1. Praying mantis is carnivorous insect. There are about 1800-2000 species of mantis in the world. They have developed front legs, which are distributed very sharp spikes like sickles, very cool.

2. Mantis is the only insect whose head can rotate 180 degrees, so if you watch a mantis at his back, you will be scared when it turns its triangular head staring at you suddenly.

Mantis eats husband

3. Mantises not only prey on other small organisms, but also eat their mates. It is also one of the reasons which makes mantis famous, almost everyone has heard the phenomenon that female mantis eats her husband. But according to scientists, the probability of this phenomenon is less than 30% in the wild, female mantis does this to get protein, which can help the development of the eggs. So it means if female mantis is not hungry in the mating process, it won’t sacrifice its partner.

4. Studies show that termites, mantises and cockroaches have a close relationship, they may have evolved from the same being.

mantis eggs

5. Many gardeners really like mantis, because they can eliminate most of the harmful insects, mantis can serve as a biological pest control method in organic gardening which doesn’t use any chemicals. The mantis eggs are sold in some gardening stores.

6. Mantis has very good eyesight, its eyes can see as far as 18 meters, so they are the most frightening predators in the insect community.

7. Mantis has a pair of big compound eyes and three other simple eyes located between them.

Mantis eyes

8. Mantis eyes could change color with the light, they appear to be transparent in the daytime and black at night.

9. Mantis has only one ear located in the abdomen, it is a unique auditory system, and mantis is also the only animal which has one ear in the world.

Orchid mantis

10. Aptera Apteromantis is a rare Spanish species of mantis, it is an endangered species. Orchid mantis is the most beautiful mantis in the world.

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