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human sweat facts and figures

Whenever summers arrive there is one great worry that accompanies it, the body sweat. We all associate a high level of discomfort and bad odor with sweat, but here are a few facts that will change your perception about the sweat.

Sweat Glands
Women have more sweat glands than men, but men’s sweat glands secrete more sweat than a woman. A man produces 40% more sweat than a woman. So, it is natural for men to produce more sweat.

It is now proven that the vegetarians have better sweat odor than the non-vegetarians. There is a huge impact of your diet on the sweat odor and the amount of sweating.

Diet Matters
You must have noticed that you tend to sweat more right after the meals. It is now scientifically proven that the temperature of the body increases right after you have a meal. The heavier meal you take, the warmer you get. To counter this warming of the body, your body sweats. So, when you want to sweat lesser, it is recommended to take a lighter meal and that too preferably vegetarian.

Stress Sweating
There are different types of sweating, normal sweating, workout sweating, stress sweating, all these sweating have different composition and odor of sweat. The stress sweating smells the worst. You need to ensure that you do not eat much under stress, because that will produce a large amount of foul smelling sweat.

Sweating Helps
Sweating is one of the best types of methods to reduce weight and get rid of harmful salts and other things from the body. Sweating is a good thing, but it is not good to sweat every time. While it good to sweat while exercising, it is not good to sweat in a meeting. One should exercise and give an opportunity to the body to sweat out.

Yellow Stains
Some people have a larger concentration of fats in the sweat, so their sweat gives a yellow colored appearance on the clothes especially around the armpits. The yellow stains can be medically treated; one should refer to a dermatologist for the treatment of the same.

Odor Can Change
By incorporating some food items and by quitting some food items, one can easily get rid of the foul smelling sweat. One has to choose between the taste and the body odor. Some of the delicious things like onions have a very negative effect on the body odor. The odor will not change in a day. You will have to follow the diet for weeks to feel the change.

Sweating is Odorless
The sweat itself is odorless, but the bacteria present in the skin in the hairy areas and the areas like armpits do break down the sweat chemically producing a bad odor. We all sweat from our hands, but our hands never smell badly, but we all feel a very pungent odor from our armpits.

Men’s Sweat is Saltier
The sweat of males is much more salty than females; one can easily feel the same in our day to day lives. There is nothing that can put a check on the level of salt secreted.

Antiperspirants are great, they help to keep a check on sweating and body odor, but one needs to understand that they cannot use them 24×7 and block the natural process of sweating. Using antiperspirants for a few hours is good. You can find out more about antiperspirants in various blogs.

Sweating is a great thing; it helps your body to excrete toxic wastes from the body. But it is a matter of shame when you sweat excessively in a public meeting. One needs to find out a perfect plan to keep a check on sweating without doing any harm to the body.

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