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All the amazing facts about dolphin

1. Although dolphins live in the water, they are not fish but mammal, which means dolphins can’t breathe in the water like fish, they can stay under water for 15 minutes at most then they have to come to the surface to breathe fresh air.

2. Because of fact 1, dolphins never have deep sleep or they will drown, when they need rest, only half of the brains will sleep and only one eye will be closed.

3. Dolphins never drink because sea water is deathful, they don’t sweat and get the necessary moisture through food.

4. Dolphins love human, they are glad to help others. Dolphin Pelorus Jack is famous for his good heart in New Zealand, he had helped a lot of ships through the dangerous channel and he was protected by New Zealand law.

5. Dolphins are society, they can communicate with each other by signature whistle, they can name themselves and other dolphins will accept and remember your name, they like to play games together.

6. Dolphins are amative, they are considered one of the few animals having sex for fun, and I have told you in fact 4, dolphins don’t mind “loving” human.

7.A weird crazy scientist once wanted to train dolphins speaking English, that’s not all, in order to encourage the dolphins to get high score, he asked his female assistant to give dolphins sex reward.

Margaret and dolphin

8. In 2006, a food position dolphin was saved by the world’s tallest man, he put his 1.06m long arm in the dolphin’s stomach and took off the sphere plastic.

tallest man saved dolphines

9. The US and Ukrainian Navy have tried to train dolphins for military mission, but the mission failed and some armed dolphins have escaped to the sea.

10.This fact may disappoint you, scientist has discovered dolphins have complex social structure as human’s, some rascal dolphins (like human politician) will rape the female and weaker male dolphins to deter the group.

11. Dolphins were discovered to use drugs, maybe this explained why the military mission failed, as an anonymous general said “They can learn to use torpedo or guns, but they can’t discern friend or enemy especially when they get high.”

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