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Brain is the most powerful organ in the body especially from its functions. This makes the Brain one of the body organs that have interesting facts that you must know about when making your perfect choice. Without a brain, a human being can never operate well. Here are the 10 interesting facts about brain that you must know about.

1- The human brain is that only organ within the human body, which lacks nerves despite it acting as the top central command for central nervous system. Through this, you need to understand that human brain has no feeling when it comes to pain. This makes it unique when compared to other organs in the body.

2 – The human brain often consumes largest portion of energy, which is generated within the human body. Research has shown that the brain often consumes 20 percent of all the energy despite it only representing only 2 percent of the total weight of body. This energy is important for fueling nerve impulses and maintaining healthy brain cells.

3 – The number of neurons found in the brain is about 100 billion that is 20 times of the number of human beings on earth. The high number of these neurons often increase its processing ability when multitasking. This also makes the brain the most powerful organ that you can ever have in the body whenever you are function well.

4 – The human brain is the fattest organ within the human body. Over 60% of human brain is often comprised of fat that has the highest concentration of fat. In addition, it also present in one single organ in all healthy human beings. Besides, 75 percent of total brain mass is made up of water that regulates various functions within the brain. It also makes the brain to function well whenever you are improving the functions of the body.

5 – The neocortex is one portion of human brain, which is responsible for consciousness and language. This part of the brain makes over 76 percent of the human brain. In addition, it is the largest when you compare it to other animals. In other animals, it is only 20 percent.

6 – Scientists believes that human beings often use less than 10 percent of their brain. However, others doubt the preposition since every part of brain has their unique function. Many have also disapproved the allegations whenever they are making these allegations.

7 – During early pregnancy, all the neurons often multiply at a given rate of 260,000 neurons in minute within the brain of a human being.

8 – About 15 to 20 percent (750ml) of total cardiac output is always directed to a human being’s brain every single minute. You must eat the best foods for your brain when you need to improve its ability.

9 – The brain consumes approximately 25 watts of energy that is sufficient to illuminate one light bulb.

10 – The human brain is always not as perfect as many people think that those with low human IQ often do thing differently. However, it can always be trained to do things better by ensuring that you reason better.

In conclusion, the above information should enable you to know about the 10 interesting facts about brain thus enabling you to understand the organ.

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