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Fact: What’s The Fastest Possible Speed ?

What’s The Fastest Possible Speed ?

Well imagine going 500,000 times faster than a concorde and you have a speed nearing 299,792,458 meters per second. This is the speed of light as it travels through a vaccum which is so fast that if you were able to move at this speed you could go around the earth 7 times in just 1 second, now that’s fast!

Obviously the speed of light passing through liquids and solids is slower but even then the speed of light is phenomenal. Many of you may also have heard of the concept of a light year, which represents the distance light would travel in a complete year.

This extraordinary number comes out to around 9,460,000 million kilometres. The term is used extensively in astronomy to measure distances between planets, stars and other celestial bodies. The simple fact of the matter is that distances involved when it comes to discussing the universe are so huge that you need a better unit of measure to make it more understandable.

Lastly those of you who watch too many space movies e.g. star wars, star trek etc and are familiar with concepts like warp speed or hyperspace then you’re probably wondering when we’ll be able to travel at speeds like those shown in the movies. Well the simple answer is it’s highly unlikely that we’ll see anything like that in our lifetime however tolearn more about the research going on in this area you can check out NASA’s section on breakthrough propulsion physics.


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    Posted on 7th September 2010

    awesome facts for thease facts i could get an a+++ on a science quiz

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    Posted on 6th February 2011

    can we travel in time if we travel at the speed of light
    i don’t know weather it’s true or not

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    Posted on 17th February 2011

    thats good ………having this kind information

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    Posted on 22nd February 2011

    a person can never attain the speed of light because as we move towards tha speed of light are mass also increases and as we know e=mc2 so the energy required to attain the speed of light will also increase. so as we reach almost near to the speed of light are mass become infinite and now to achieve speed of light we need infinite energy which is not possible. so we cant achieve the speed of light in practical

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    Posted on 23rd April 2011

    If one solar mass was accellerated to the edge of light speed, what is the increase in mass to C whereupon it becomes photons whose mass is equal to the increased solar mass? Thank you.

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    Posted on 1st May 2011

    @mustan that is true but 99% speed of light is achieveable

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    Posted on 15th September 2011

    If we were to ever achieve speeds even close to the speed of light we could control our age. A person that is in a car going 200 mph ages slower then a person sitting watching tv. But as you can see 200 mph does not make a huge difference….

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    Posted on 20th October 2011

    if we had this technology we could travel the unexplored parts of space or even find another race that is 10 times advance the human technology

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    Posted on 21st November 2011

    guys? any new update about neutrino approaching more than 3,00,000 km/sec! Theory of relativity failed?

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    Posted on 23rd November 2011

    I think you’ll find that new evidence suggest some neutrinos created at CERN have travelled 730 kilometers to the Gran Sasso National Laboratory in Italy just a little bit faster than the speed of light….

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    Posted on 8th December 2011

    really…! No u might be kidding. If this is correct then I’ll make a bus which will run on LIGHT so that the people who wanna go to there working place should reach there a bit faster and finish there work as fast as LIGHT ….!

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    Posted on 13th February 2012
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    Einstein’s ToR is on the ropes at this point as we know that light does not have a constant speed in a vacuum. Different flavours of light can travel, and do, at variable rates. This is a relatively out-dated article it would seem and needs catching up with modern discoveries.

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