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Fact: Grizzly Bear Facts

Grizzly Bear Facts

Did you know that the grizzly bear (Ursus horribilis) can weigh up to 800lbs and reach heights of up to 8 foot when standing on its rear legs. With such mass and size you would expect it to be extremely slow but despite such size it can sprint at speeds as high as 40km/h which is faster than an olympic athlete.

In terms of behaviour and temperament the grizzly bear is a solitary animal sticking to itself except during mating season. Its reputation of being extremely aggresive is a little exaggerated as in most cases it won’t go out of its way to hunt humans or cause trouble. 

So why do people fear the grizzly so much ? Well much of its aggressive reputation stems from the fact that it can’t climb trees very well, which is what most bears do to avert danger. This ultimately means that a threatened grizzly is more likely to stand its ground and attack an oncoming threat rather than running and hiding. 

So despite the stories and the movies, the grizzly in most cases is unlikely to go on aggressive hunting sprees. More so they’re omnivores so will just as happily consume berries, fruits, pine nuts and roots.


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    Posted on 2nd October 2008
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    Grizzlies are kick ass man, wouldn’t mess with them one bit.

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    Posted on 17th October 2008

    That was an interesting read, it really put to light the overall nature of the grizzly, its sad that the movies have given them a bad reputation.

    Afterall the Grizzly is just a sub-species of the common brown bear. Keep up the great work.
    Yours truly

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    Posted on 9th December 2008

    Grizzlies are amazing.

    I remember an 80’s awesome movie about them, was excellent.

    Nice site.

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    Posted on 26th December 2008

    Great educational website. I have learned a lot from this website


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    Posted on 21st June 2009

    How large was that bear that was Killed by men or a man with hi powered rifle in Alaska?I heard that it was to be stuffed and put on display at a main airport in Alaska.I also read that it killed at least 2 armed men before being killed.I Am thinking that I read a article that it was around 1500-1800 pds but could not find much info about the bear or if it was indeed that big. ken

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    Posted on 7th October 2009

    i love your web sight cause itr got me an “A” in my science class and I love it so much thank you

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    Posted on 20th November 2009

    i am gonna say awesome because as a example grizzly bear is running to catch don’t try to hide because it has a gifted nose can ameel really good i mean really good.

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    Posted on 3rd December 2009

    hey did u hear guys hear this one girl got her face tore up buy a bear

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    Posted on 2nd January 2010


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    Posted on 12th January 2010

    HAHAHA!! TRUE if they release to much adrenaline

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    Posted on 14th October 2010

    Ignorance drove the California grizzly to Extinction. In the eighteen fifties the Sierras were swarming with would-be gold miners, many of them from towns and cities, ignorant of the wilderness. .
    When a miner met a bear, the bear reared up in a bluffing mode. (Get out of my territory was its message.) The native Indians understood this message—they backed away, talking to the bear soothingly. A miner in the same situation was terrified. Sure the bear was going to kill him if he didn’t kill it first, he shot the bear. An injured bear, in pain, was really dangerous and often lived long enough to vent its rage on the miner!.

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    Posted on 13th December 2010

    hahahaha true if they release to much adrenaline

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    Posted on 7th January 2011

    The worst animal for me is the bear! Sooooooooo dangerous!

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    Posted on 25th September 2011

    i would like to know why do people keep killing these bears? if a bear just decides to wander into a town, you dont have to kill it just shoot it with a tranqulizer and put it some place safe or shoot it with a rubber bullet to make it leave. its sad how people can be soooo creul.

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    Posted on 31st October 2011

    I learned something from this article.
    That the user-base for this website are all mentally retarded

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    Posted on 16th November 2011

    Love it

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    Posted on 23rd November 2011

    hey guys xx

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    Posted on 28th March 2012
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    U can like em bears all u want but being african means stay th hell away from em

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